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  1. I’d never spoken to Ben over the course of the first five years we had both been traipsing into the same school in Cambridge to hone our knowledge of Latin conjugations and factor our quadratic equations. This wasn’t for any particular reason, I guess we just moved in different circles. Little did we know that, at the same time, in an entirely separate circle, a young hell raiser named Dickon was philosophising over the Manics and Longpigs less than a mile down the road.

  2. Rise and shine Careless Campers. It’s Friday morning, 7am, and I am writing to you from my bed, tucked away in the bosom of North London, gazing apprehensively out of my window at the drizzle. The sky is grey like an elephant’s face, with the working day stretched out long beneath it like an elephant’s trunk. The new leaves on the trees flap in the breeze like tiny elephant ears and the windscreen wipers on the frantic cars below swat rain-drops away like impatient elephant tails. Since 2001, there have not been any elephants at London Zoo on account of the former residents having tragically crushed their keeper to death, no doubt in protest at being herded around a box by what they must have perceived to be an over-excited Playmobil figure. However, one can only imagine how elephant-like their actions would have been on this damp summer morn, were they incumbent still.

  3. On this day; in 1933 Disney's "Three Little Pigs" was first released, in 1963 Bob Dylan released "The Freewheelin’ (sounds like “three”) Bob Dylan”, and in 1964 (3+1) eleven boys were suspended at a school in Coventry for having a hair style like Mick Jagger (if you subtract the number of Rolling Stones members past and present from eleven, you get… that’s right, three! Spooky stuff).

  4. We've got this brand new website and have lost all of our old content. Booo! As you may remember, every word was pure gold and it's a great loss to humanity. We'd better get you up to speed on what we're doing in case you've just come across this site for the first time:

    We spent last summer recording new songs and we followed that up with our biggest ever headline show at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen and a sold out headline show at Castle Hotel, Manchester in October.