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I know what you're thinking - it's not May. You're not mistaken, we're a bit late this month because Ben has been away but let's brighten up your Monday with a selection of three tracks for you!


Forbidden Love – The Darkness


This month’s selection comes from perennial purveyors of good time’s rock n roll, The Darkness. Something of a Marmite band it seems, in the sense that they are mostly loved or hated. Interestingly, I am rather indifferent to Marmite, but I certainly love The Darkness.

This song comes from the 2012 “reunion” album, Hot Cakes. It is a glorious album full of luxurious guitar solos, gratuitous drum fills and thunderous bass. It also includes the definitive recording of the band’s interpretation of Street Spirit by Radiohead. I could have chosen pretty much any of the songs from Hot Cakes. I enjoy Forbidden Love because it sounds a bit like Queen and Guns n’ Roses playing Abba. Winner.

I love The Darkness for many reasons, but largely because they seem to have founded their band on the principles of playing what you love and having fun. Despite a few peaks and troughs, it seems to me that they have upheld these principles pretty well. I think Justin and Dan Hawkins are two of the most under rated guitarists out there when it comes to composition and melody. For bonus points, their commitment to live performance puts to shame any band that performs and doesn’t break a sweat.

Give me a “D”… Give me an “arkness”…


It’s My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry – Glasvegas


Glasvegas were a massive band for me at the height of their pomp a decade or so ago. Retro, passionate, cinematic, leather-clad and sad. Catnip to the Dickleburgh!

Their debut ‘Glasvegas’ is packed with huge tunes (‘Geraldine’, ‘Flowers and Football Tops’), but ‘It’s My Own Cheating Heart….’ was always the song that reduced me to a blubbing mess (doesn’t take much guys).

Whilst they have never reached the commercially dizzy heights of ‘Glasvegas’ since (they’re still big in Sweden), albums two and three are belters nonetheless; pained, poetic and effortlessly cool. Check out ‘Whatever Hurts You Through The Night’ (‘Euphoric Heartbreak’) and ‘Neon Bedroom’ (‘Later When The TV Turns To Static’}. Join me friends…..

“What’s the story morning glory? I feel so low and worthless…. yeah”

Teenage Icon – The Vaccines

Ben: The Vaccines are one of the few bands who have made consistently good guitar pop music over the past few years. They use THE classic four-piece set up (two guitars, bass, drums) that was popularised by The Beatles and Careless Sons, but they add some interesting melodies and moreish harmonies to the mix. I am a sucker for all of the above, so they are right up my Straße.

I could have picked lots of great songs by them for this blog (If You Wanna, Wetsuit, Give Me A Sign, No Hope, Minimal Affection, Aftershave Ocean, etc). I've gone with Teenage Icon, because it couples the above with pertinent lyrics that most people who grew up wanting to be in a band can relate to.

If you have any interest in music then you inevitably will either want to be or want to f*ck your musical heroes (sometimes both at the same time). This is often coupled with the realisation that you are in fact very mediocre and your dreams of stardom are utterly unrealistic. This song addresses this reality with a fair bit of charm. My favourite line is:

"I always did it like a real rebel would.
I have a photo where John Lennon may have stood
...Or so I'm told"

Our new EP is now finished and we'll reveal the title and further details soon - probably this month. In the meantime, you can grab 8 free songs by joining our mailing list at Keep it Careless x

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