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Welcome back. Great to see you again! How have you been keeping?

It's the last Friday of June, and that means we have selected three more tracks that you may like to check out. So let's get in to it... 


Green Tinted Sixties Mind – Mr. Big


This month’s slice of rock pie comes from American band, Mr. Big. Written by guitar supremo and seemingly all round super nice guy, Paul Gilbert, it is supposedly inspired by the green tint noticeable on old sixties movies.

I found this song by digging into Paul Gilbert’s work after spending many hours watching his “Intense Rock” instructional videos. Whilst I never quite reached the upper echelons of shredding capabilities, I did get some great tips on alternate picking, so cheers, Paul! Anyway, this song is a great example of musicality transcending virtuosity, with a sweet intro riff. All round group of great players. Additional props go to Eric Martin for some amazing vocals and for his ability to still look like a 15 year old boy at the age of about 60.

Bonus trivia – when Paul left Mr. Big, he was replaced by Richie Kotzen, who has cropped up earlier in this Careless Tracks thingamabob.



Thinking About You – Radiohead

Who else could it be but Radiohead this month? Dunno about you but their Glasto set last Friday had me mesmerised. Even the stuff I’m less familiar with (you know, ‘The King of Limbs’ drum machine being hurled down a lift shaft era stuff?) left me awe struck, if not somewhat confused. My musical peers will tell you that I’m not a particularly progressive egg. In fact Radiohead are about as experimental as I get. However, whilst I may not always get it, throughout their evolution from Home Counties oddball peroxide grunge agitators to top knot prog pioneers, they have never left me cold. I believe they believe in everything they produce and that is rare.

The other thing I love about Radiohead is despite the increasing complexity of their recorded output from ‘OK Computer’ onwards, they have always refused to use any kind of backing track to reproduce their recorded sound on stage. You will often find Jonny Greenwood playing a bassoon with his foot whilst his mind is plugged directly into the National Grid, to generate an approximation of the recorded version of a track. Who wants to go to a live show and just here the album played verbatim?

So my track this month is ‘Thinking about You’ from debut ‘Pablo Honey’. This serves as a reminder that even at their simplest Radiohead were always on a different level. It isn’t their virtuosity that sets them apart it’s their soul and any burgeoning song writer would do well to keep that in mind. 


The Less I Know The Better - Tame Impala

Greetings from the Italian hills of Umbria. As the band’s bass player and a man who likes to wiggle his moneymaker on the dancefloor, I knew this song and I would get along just great as soon as I heard the opening riff. The whole album (Currents) is SUPERB from start to finish and if you haven’t checked it out then you really should do that right this very second. It’s my favourite album from the past couple of years.

The premise of the lyrics is that the narrator has found out from someone he knows that his ex-girlfriend is living with a new partner. One thing that is impressive is the sheer number of rhymes that the writer (whose name escapes me and I have no phone signal) manages to incorporate into the story. Not only does the entire first verse rhyme, it also rhymes with the whole second verse and the chorus.

Maybe it rhymes with the whole third verse too, but my lack of signal and inability to plan ahead is really starting to hamper my attempts at writing anything intelligent.

The video is the winning combo of sexy, weird and a little bit trippy. I say that with some confidence, although I haven’t seen it in about 6 months and now can't get online to fact check myself.

One final ill-conceived point is that the girl hopping around like a gorilla in the video always reminds me of the guy from the comedy show Nathan Barley. He’s the guy that runs the media hub thing. Might it be called Place? Anyway, someone, who might be Nathan but now I think about it might be Dan Ashcroft, walks in on that guy as he finishes Ape Hour, in which he spends an hour every day living as an ape in order to reconnect with his animal self. There’s some funny dialogue I don't recall and he’s jumping around on his chair pretending to eat insects without a hint of irony.

Enough drivel from me, go kick a football outside. Tea will be ready in an hour; fish fingers, your favourite.

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