Careless Tracks: July 2017

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We just managed to sneak this in before the end of the month, although not on Friday as we have been hectically making two new music videos simultaneously.

It's the end of July, we're about halfway throught the summer and here are three more tracks for you to check out.



Lana Del Rey - Video Games

Ben: Anything with 166m video views hardly falls under the category of "unknown" gem, but I went to see Lana Del Rey play a semi-secret show on Monday at Brixton Academy and this song has always been her stand out track.

Had this been written in the late 1960s or early 1970s then it would be a standard but, given it came out in 2012 and there is TOO MUCH MUSIC THESE DAYS, I bet there are a fair few people that have never heard it.

The chorus is about as good a melody as I've heard in recent years and she is a fantastic live vocalist, which largely makes up for the fact that she has no charisma or stage presence whatsoever... I've heard great things about her new album, so I'm looking forward to checking that out soon.

The Killers - The Man

Rob: Oh my god, what is this song! On first listen, I thought it was like Daft Punk doing David Bowie via The Bee Gees. It’s got so much going on and I think it is so enjoyable to listen to.

This is the recently released lead single from the Killers upcoming new album, “Wonderful Wonderful”. You have to be pretty bold to release a song like this I reckon, as the subject matter means the music has to be undeniable. I reckon the Killers have really nailed it with some serious swagger here, and I’ve listened to it at least once a day since it came out. I don’t want to project too many ideas in this blog piece as I imagine it is more effective to just find it and listen to it (conveniently we’ve included the link to the video below, and you can also hear it on our Spotify playlist, so it shouldn’t take long to find…).

The Killers are definitely one of my favourite contemporary bands and, as you can probably tell from my previous entries in this blog, contemporary is not my musical bread and butter. Based on this though, I’d happily live on Killers sandwiches for the foreseeable future.

Simon & Garfunkel - Kathy's Song 

Dickon: Bit of classic S&G from Dickleburgh this month. Rob and I performed this at a very good friend’s wedding a couple of years ago and I remember being terrified that we would screw it up. Thinking back, I was probably more concerned that we would let Paul Simon down, rather than ruin the ceremony . Luckily we nailed it and the happy couple were chuffed (as was Paul… in my mind).

Growing up I had a weird phase where I was simultaneously obsessed with The Sex Pistols and Simon & Garfunkel. This lead to some pretty ill-fitting acoustic balladry in my first band, which was otherwise a jet fuelled potato masher of sonic nonsense.  Still, there is something about a mix tape with Kathy’s Song followed by Friggin’ in the Riggin’ that still seems congruous to me today.

I’ll sign off now but go check out the video of Paul Simon and John Lennon awkwardly presenting a Grammy to Art Garfunkel (collecting it on behalf of Olivia Newton–John) in 1975. Proper Awks!

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