Careless Tracks: August 2017

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Look at us being super organised for a change! It's the final Friday of August and also one week before our new video is released, so let's pick some tracks for you to check out this month.



David Bowie - Time

Rob: This song is found on Bowie's brilliant and somewhat divisive album Aladdin Sane and is a great example of his penchant for the dramatic. It's a beautifully weird, burlesque-esque piece that is all at once unsettling and engaging with some stunning vocal work and interesting production elements. Check out the sound of Bowie's breathing placed so prominently before Mick Ronson bosses a typically excellent solo.

When I first started getting into Bowie, I used to stick on this album and go walking around the fields in the small village where I grew up, which was amazing at the time, and has only been enhanced by my rose tinted nostalgia specs...

Oasis - Don't Go Away

Dickon: I'm writing this on a train to Edinburgh with Rob where we will be taking in the tail end of the Fringe.

Our conversation thus far has covered many topics; Cats, Oasis..... all the topics. When you have been friends for as long as we have there is a lot to cover; Cats, Oasis.... so much to cover.

It's 20 years since Be Here Now came out and we have been debating its relative merits and flaws, as many have this week. I remember how excited I was when it came out but frankly I was disappointed when I got it home. At the time, the fact that it lacked the simplicity and rawness of Definitely Maybe and the stellar songwriting of What's the Story....? left me deflated. 20 years on and, to be honest, I still think those things but I've warmed to it in my dotage. As a snapshot of a band at the very apex of superstardom, the fact that It is so overblown and arrogant now feels befitting of, in my opinion, the last truly orbital rock and roll band. We won't see their like again folks.

So this month I've gone with Don't Go Away to mark the anniversary of the beginning of the end of the Gallaghers' hold over popular culture.  

Beautiful melody, as one would expect from Noel when he decides to turn it on, and a simply drop dead gorgeous vocal from Liam. I love the fact that a man so divisive and publicly confrontational can deliver a performance as sweet and vulnerable as this. Truly awful video though. 

Vive la monobrow.

The Features - How It Starts

Ben: I saw these guys supporting Kings of Leon in 2005 at a sports centre in Reading, UK. Bizarre venue choice! They were really great and I have mtaphorically worn out their album Exhibit A through overlistening. Check out the amazing track The Idea Of Growing Old for a tender, sincere and credible song about growing old with the person that you love. It will melt your cold, dead heart.

They are good friends with the KoL boys and are also from Tennessee and have toured together a few times. The comparison really ends there though, as they have a much poppier sound and don't go in for 7 minute album track songscapes in quite the same way as those preacher boys tend to do.

One thing I've just clocked in watching the video for the first time is that this is one of the few music videos I've ever seen where the band are actually playing the song live. Normally bands just mime along to a recording of the track. This actually isn't how the song goes therefore, so check out the proper recording on the playlist link above - it's a better version.


Our new video The Bitter End is out next Friday, so make sure you come and check that out then! x

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