The Bitter End: It’s A 10 From Ben! (And Rob)

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I don’t watch Strictly Come Dancing. In fact, I don’t watch anything at the moment, because I have been without internet or TV for a month whilst my provider takes its pretty time pulling its finger out (I will name you, just you wait. If it’s not sorted this week you will feel the full social media fury of a Dickleburgh scorned).

Anyway, I don’t watch Strictly and therefore I have no idea what “a 10 from Len” is. Is it 10 fags, pounds, seconds, stone? Who or what is a Len??? (I do know what it means and who Len is, and I have watched Strictly but this segue is made better if I say I don’t).

Frankly, I’m not a dance enthusiast. “But wait!” I hear you cry. “You nailed it in your recent music video for the new stomping Careless Sons track ‘The Bitter End'? You were like Ryan Gosling in La La Land, both facially and in terms of your dancing ability!”

Well that’s kind guys and, sure, I pulled off some sick moves, but I am not a professionally trained dancer and I had to really concentrate. I am what is known in showbusiness as 'half of a threat'. I can sing pretty well 50% of the time, but I can’t act or dance.

Luckily for me, my twinkle-toed and long-suffering colleagues Ben and Rob spirit guided me through the routine and safeguarded the magic with their silken hips (that go on for days). You can check them out in the video below produced, as ever, by the dreamy Chris Tongue and Dead Ready Productions.

So let me tell you a bit more about the song. This is the first time we have written a lyric as a third person narrative. We hit a purple patch a while back having challenged ourselves to write three songs a week using different devices. ‘Jackie’ our antihero, and the song more broadly, are very much guinea pigs therefore, save for the fact that neither live in a hutch, conceal themselves with straw to prevent anyone from extracting any real enjoyment from them, nor live for - max - two years at great cost to the owner. It turns out it is much easier to write lyrics in this way, thus confirming that the term ‘storyteller’ assigned to so many revered songwriters is actually code for ‘lazy’ and ‘emotionally prepubescent’. Sorry Bruce, Paul, Bob, et al, but your cover has been blown.

We catch up with Jackie as she is caught in an early 30’s maelstrom. She’s not rich, but she’s not poor. She’s not young, but she’s not old. She’s not alone but, in her head, she’s very much alone. She finds relative solace in north London pubs and Britpop, but is waiting for the day she can no longer realistically dream of something different and relax into obscurity.

“Poor Jackie,” you may say. To which she would reply “Thanks. I’ll have a Pernod and dry cider”. You’ll be hearing and seeing more from her as we drip feed you (like a stupid guinea pig) tracks and videos from our forthcoming EP ‘Microwave Communion’ which drops on 6 October. The EP was recorded and produced by the masterful JB Pilon at Hackney Road and Buffalo Studios earlier in the year and we are very proud of it. We hope you like it too. Go ahead and send us your thoughts on our dancing and the video in general and feel free to share it with your friends, family members, colleagues, pets, etc……



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