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So, how is everybody? I take it you have all been enjoying our new EP, ‘Microwave Communion’, which came out a week or so ago. Great. Thanks, yes we like it too. You may well have noticed that, at the same time, we gifted you our second video from the Microwave Communion series. The video is for the track ‘Heart Goes Wild’. Let’s remind ourselves of it now.

That was excellent.

As is customary in this day and age as everybody vies for everybody else’s attention, we have looked in the cupboard under the stairs and down the back of the sofa to try and find some content that will safeguard our online presence for another week. And so it falls to me to dust down my blog writing skills and polish up my witticisms as I tell you a little bit about the song and the video for Heart Goes Wild.

The song itself was borne from the same purple patch that Dickon alluded to in his previous blogpost about The Bitter End. We were writing songs very quickly and trying out a lot of techniques that we hadn’t used before, partly to keep things interesting, partly because it didn’t matter if it didn’t work, and partly because it can actually be quite challenging to put together a whole song in an evening and we needed to do whatever we could to spark up the ol’ inspiration. Heart Goes Wild is presented as a conversation between two people, exploring their challenges, frustrations, differences and similarities. It is framed around the idea that people can end up finding courage in times of great desperation and that this can be an instinctive trait. This gave us the opportunity to share out the vocal on the song and is our first track that features myself, Dickon and Ben all taking lead in a section. Or possibly that is just how we recorded it and I have justified it retrospectively. We may never know. All part of Careless Sons’ mysterious folklore…

The video for Heart Goes Wild was directed, edited, produced, etc by the glorious Chris Tongue, with whom you should now all be familiar. It again features our Bitter End antihero, Jackie, and her fiancé having a bit of a domestic and gives a bit more context to the relationship. It’s a circular situation of love and anger and probably shouldn’t continue, but it can be hard to make those decisions, or to even come to the conclusion that decisions need to be made. This is all pretty heavy, so we took the edge off with some questionable 70s get ups, including porn star moustaches, in the middle section. More on that to come in future weeks…

We really hope you’re enjoying the new stuff, and we really appreciate all the positive feedback we’ve received from you. Please do continue to listen and share it with other people you feel may appreciate it, and we’ll be back with more internet detritus quicker than you can retweet the link to our new EP.


Robson x

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