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Good day to you all, here's Ben with some words about our new vid for Bring Out Your Dead.

"So what's it all about?" I don't hear you cry, but if we were in the same room then that is one thing you might say. Other things you might say include "wow, that's great", "oh, you are so handsome" and "why are you in my house?".

The song was written during the same sessions as the other tracks on the EP, when we were each churning out a song a week for a couple of months. If you're anything like me, then having a week to do something actually means having six and a half days of not doing something, followed by half a day of frantically trying to do that thing. It was therefore quite intense to have three hours each week to write a full song, complete with lyrics!

I found myself looking for inspiration in unusual places and at the time I was reading the novel "Leaving Berlin" by Joseph Kanon. It's set in Communist East Berlin during 1947, where suspicion and paranoia are part of everyday life. That sounded like something right up my Straße and I thought it would make for something a bit cool and different.

For the video, we worked with director Chris Tongue to try to capture some of that unsettling sense of paranoia, injustice and being part of something you don't understand. We cast Phil Young as the lead actor and he was a top, top bloke, who happily tolerated being dragged along the ground in a straitjacket for longer than any man should. We were also lucky to find a superb location, which was an abandoned psychiatric hospital in north London.

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Sophie Hawkes also came down on the day to act as star make-up artist and she did a great job making poor Phil look like Ben had beaten the living crap out of him.


So that's pretty much that. Really hope you are enjoying that song and video combo and thanks for all of the feedback. You can grab the EP over on our Bandcamp page.

We'll be playing a Christmas gig at The Islington in London on December 20th and would love to see you there. If you do fancy popping along then head over to our ticket website and make three pop 'n' rollers very happy.

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