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Ho, Ho, No! It’s not Christmas yet John (Lewis). Cease with your perpetual ruining of classic tracks by getting unknown Nordic singer songwriters to record cutesy lo-fi versions of them and thus simultaneously ruining their careers and everything else for everybody else. It is, however, the final Friday of November and that can only mean it’s time for some more Careless track recommendations. Check them out below.

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Goldfrapp - Eat Yourself

Dickon: My pick this month comes courtesy of Goldfrapp and album track “Eat Yourself” from 2008 electro-folk offering “Seventh Tree”. I first got into Goldfrapp during my second year at university when their third album “Supernature” was frankly unavoidable (this doesn’t confirm my age. I could have been one of those super kids who went to uni at the age of six… You’ll never know). You know the one? Of “Ooh La La” and “Number 1” fame. I was intrigued by the T-Rex glamness of it all. But whilst it appealed, I wasn’t bolaned over (shhh that works). My interest was likely due to the fact that they always seemed to be on CD:UK. CD:UK was like YouTube to you youngsters (like me). However, you couldn’t choose what you wanted to watch and, as a rule, it had to be viewed exclusively in the company of PJ and Duncan and Catherine Deeley or no Deeley.

I digress. If “Supernature” didn’t quite hit all of the right buttons, “Seventh Tree” certainly did. All woodland glade synths, folk guitars and accompanying ‘Wickerman’ videos. Right up Dickleburgh’s street. “Eat Yourself” is the pick of the bunch for me. The Peter Pan-esque Alison nails it with a vocal so ethereal, it’s as if Liv Tyler the elf popped in during the vocal session and conjured up some watery horses all over the mic by saying something nonsensical. Incidentally, Sauron makes un-uncredited appearance on guitar. Little known fact. Right it’s all gone a bit weird so I’m off. Enjoy!


Greta Van Fleet - Safari Song

Rob: As Mufasa explained to Simba, “when we die, our bodies become the grass, and the antelope eat the grass. And so we are all connected in the great Circle of Life.” In the same week that saw the sad passing of Malcolm Young, one of the lions of rock n’ roll, I came across a new band of young antelope called Greta Van Fleet. The circle continues.

Despite their tender years, these four guys have captured the essence of classic rock and are unashamedly running with it. Safari Song is a strong encapsulation of this. It’s the opening track on the band’s double EP, ‘From the Fires’, released a couple of weeks ago. It’s big, brash and bold, while at the same time having a stripped down feel with minimal flashy production.

The elephant in the room, of course, is that they sound just like a young Led Zeppelin. I have no doubt that some will hold this against them, but equally I imagine most bands of this ilk would delight in the comparison. Also, I like Led Zeppelin, and so I see no harm in having more songs to listen to that sound like Led Zeppelin.

“If it ain’t broke, don’ fix it” is another well-known quote, possibly also coined by Mufasa at some point. Rock n’ roll doesn’t necessarily need to be pioneering in order to evolve, the grass just needs to be watered once in a while. I’m looking forward to seeing what these guys grow into.

Lightships - Sweetness In Her Spark

Ben: Who the flaming heck are Lightships, you ask? Valid question. They are the solo project of Gerard Love (great name) from the band Teenage Fanclub and he/they released their only album in 2012. I'll be honest, I don't know loads about Teenage Fanclub or Gerard Love (great name) and have never listened to that album. Why is this? Too much music, too little time.

All I know about Lightships is this one track, which is a real doozy. I'm about to head out for a walk, so I will spare you a lengthy spiel, but I will say I think this is a really lovely track. I've said before that I think decent love songs are amongst the hardest type of song to write. They can so easily be cloyed in sentimental whimsy, but this is song avoids all that. The other thing I think is great is the rhythm guitar chords-cum-riff that underpins the whole song. I'm a big fan of intelligent rhythm guitar parts and I think this is a great example of one.

So yes, a brief little recommendation from me, not least because three other people are literally sitting on a sofa next to me impatiently tapping at their phones and waiting for me to finish. It's a bit off-putting if I'm honest. Ciao!

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